Value-added Services

Strong ability to tailor for the customer

source: type: Value-added Services Time:2014-02-09 15:38:27

  In view of the budget of the customer:

Budget for customers, we will recommend appropriate models, whether to add optional features or product performance upgrade give appropriate advice, hope to give customers the most practical and most convenient measuring instrument. Many customers in order to save the cost of buying low grade measuring instrument, is bound to take risks on the stability of product quality and after-sales service. Sevenocean can according to customer's budget, tailored, at the same time to ensure high performance and level.

In view of the actual measurement requirements:

Can provide customers accurate products information and the perfect services, professional sales engineers will first Seven ocean field understand customers the status of the measuring objects, and in-depth discussions with the customer demand for surveying and technology.

In the case of development:

Rely on the Seven ocean measuring powerful r&d strength, according to the requirements of the customer special measurement, Seven ocean specialized research and development to meet the requirements of customers for the customer measuring instrument or solution, all show the customer.