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Seven Ocean exclusive and matching function is introduced

source: type: Value-added Services Time:2014-02-10 10:51:29

Map navigation

Product pictures first as a map, can be solved in large multiples is hard to find in the process of measurement position, can let operators know the current measure the position of the part of the work area in the whole work, click on the map, big ratio of main lens will be moved to the corresponding position.

The real-time navigation map

Perfect real-time navigation function, small and big ratio real-time synchronization, according to a main lens is used for large multiples. The other side of the lens analyte can see a wide range, operating personnel do not need to make any Settings can quickly find to measure position, make the working efficiency is improved greatly.

The laser

Using Keyence Japan imported high-precision laser head, contour scanning measurement, can quickly measure the flatness, height, thickness and shape the products copy number of measurement.

Coaxial laser

With Keyence Japan imported high-precision laser probe, contour scanning measurement. Can quickly measure the flatness, height, thickness and shape copy number measurement, and through the real-time image tracking laser position. Operator can clearly grasp the laser spot of the current measurement position, solve the measurement again unable to determine whether the current laser take position accurately.

Automatically change times

Independent research and development of the seven seas 12 automatic changing times, changed the traditional lens confined to single ratio measurement way, realize the simultaneous measurement of cross ratio, automatically by the software control zoom lens. Minification, truly realized the products high speed, high precision measurement, also avoid the ratio in the manual adjustment, by the operating personnel alignment position measurement error caused by different.

The probe

Imported high-performance probes, unable or difficult to make up the image for some size measurement, the defects of real 3 d measurement is achieved, thus greatly enrich the function of image measuring instrument.

Double telecentric light path

Use high-magnification far core technology of optical path. Super high brightness LED parallel light system and software pixel processing capabilities and comprehensive application, in view mode without fixture, arbitrary put all can achieve rapid measurement; With big ratio and high resolution camera lens, can effectively realize accurate measurement, double telecentric light path lens not only have the function of high precision secondary yuan, and there are large and high precision measurement, one key to achieve the perfect combination of high precision and high speed detection.

Patent circular lamp system

Seven ocean self-developed programmable eight quadrants, 16 channel three-dimensional lighting system, there are 90 degrees of coaxial light source, with reaching 90 to more than 180 degrees can lift ring light source, can be three-dimensional no dead Angle of illumination. When faced with a certain special measuring objects, can use different lighting effect of the analyte to highlight features, in order to realize more accurately grasping the workpiece on the edge of the measurement function, said goodbye to the traditional single direction of the light source system, measurement for measuring function more perfect and powerful.