Enterprise Culture

Our mission

  • Sea, aokang group focused on using information intelligent planning, measurement and visualization technology, ensure that users to generate and share operational multidimensional data.


Our vision

  • Sea, aokang group aspires to with its planning, measurement and visualization technology play an important role in today's global challenges.


Our values

  • We are benefit oriented
  • Above process, we pay attention to the performance by setting measurable objectives, and target oriented practical work hard, and pursuit of achievements.


  • We have our own professional quality
  • We are professional, reliable to a business exceed expectations, and avoid the importance of personal right and wrong in the process of work, we in mind.


  • We take the customer as the center
  • We know that the success of the customer is very important to our success, and the realization of customer success, depends on whether we can open, and set clear goals to meet the needs of customers.


  • We are innovative
  • We know, when meet customers' changing needs, innovation plays a very important role, and the opportunity to also have to take the initiative to create, grasp quickly.


  • We are full of business atmosphere
  • We have the courage to try new things, in a centralized organizational structure to achieve quick decision, taking calculated risks and to find new opportunities.


  • We deemed it its duty to focus on
  • Focus our energy and spirit are everywhere - professional investment enthusiasm in work attitude, work and achieve their goals.