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Seven Ocean Metrology to build the image of precision measuring instrument

source: type: Trade News Time:2014-02-10 11:08:49

Seven Ocean Metrology is the earliest research and development and manufacturing high precision image measuring instrument of professional manufacturers.

Technology from the United States, powerful function, excellent quality, sincere professional sales personnel and thoughtful after-sales service team, make the seven seas measurement has won numerous domestic and foreign well-known manufacturers of praise. In order to adapt to the changing market and meet customer demand, Seven Ocean since its inception has been focused on research and development of optical image measurement and visual inspection technology, constant pursuit of optical image measurement system and function of technology innovation, break through the traditional limit, by the praise of many customers.

Measuring seven seas have a international research and development team

Sevenocean measurement based on the sea, kang metering industry group nearly two hundred precision manufacturing technology, condensed group all over the world of professional and technical personnel design essence, seven seas measurement has cast a strong r&d team, focus is devoted to the optical image measurement, visual detection technology research and development, accumulated years of experience in research and development, pursuit of optical image measurement system in technology and innovation function, break through the traditional limit.

Has sole measurement functions: Seven Ocean intellectual R Angle, all artifacts computer automatic figure, rotating reticle, virtual fixture, Z axis compensation function, precision auxiliary focus, image navigation system... Etc., which think much function has the world's multinational patents; Published in 2008, the first "mask technology measurement system" the most representative and influential. Excellent research and development ability, leading in the industry and customers for marvel and sure.

Seven Ocean measurement has advanced production operation and quality guarantee system

Seven Ocean measurement depends on the sea, aokang group established a global network of supply chain platform, ensure the quality of each parts to introduce the world's leading ERP production management system, to ensure efficient production and service.

Calibration process using standard production, in order to ensure the seven seafood production under the uniform standard, used in the process of manufacturing the standard process flow and process equipment, and extensive use of automation equipment results manually. Thus, in accord under the guidance of standardized operation process, well-trained technical staff, using water production and assembly, assembly way for a variety of products at the same time of improving manufacturing efficiency, and eliminate the errors caused by human factors during installation, ensure the high quality of the seven seafood continually provide the global customers.

Seven  Ocean measurement has a professional measurement software

Their professional measurement software with geometric mapping, graphics editing, geometric measurement, wisdom R Angle, aerial view, reverse engineering and contrast, scanning and take photos, automatic positioning system, automatic focus and auxiliary coordinate SPC, customer focus, measurement, array, CNC automatic measurement and image navigation systems, and other functions.